This site is meant to give HOPE to those who find themselves in a similar situation, and are not sure where to go

I want people to know that they are NEVER alone no matter how dark the situation. There is someone in your exact position, this very moment, experiencing what you are going through, feeling what you feel. Everyone has struggled at least once in their lifetime. That commonality binds us together whether that be illness, relationships, or financial woes. Whatever your struggle may be, know that you are not alone and to NEVER give up!

This is the 2nd time I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Due to severe side effects to toxic chemotherapy, Dr’s have decided to stop treatment. Pull out the tubes…stop the chemicals. ITS TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW! I packed my bags and headed to The Gerson Institute in Mexico for a 2 week stay to learn about “Natural Healing“. I decided to use this site to show my journey to, from, and beyond the clinic doors. My wish is to provide information that I found to show people who find themselves in my situation, not to give up hope and realize the power they have over their lives by the simple nutrients they find at their dinner table.

Please join me in supporting our community…and giving back to others.  If anyone tells you the power of one can’t make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in your tent.

Where My Research Has Taken Me

I originally wanted to make this site in order to help others going through Chemotherapy and Radiation. When I was first diagnosed October 2011, my partner and I could not find any books, blogs, or articles on how to cope with day to day side-effects of treatment.

Violet Cameron

The movies I watched such as, “My Sisters Keeper”, didn’t project an accurate reality of what having the disease was like for me. For instance, there is a scene where “Sofia Vessilieva’s” character is jumping on a trampoline, running down a board walk, and going to a dance. I had a “WTF” moment. Here I am looking like ET’s cousin, being carried from room to room, and Sofia is running around like a scene from “The Sound of Music”. Things weren’t adding up. I knew right then that a book needed to be written to help those who were having a really hard time.

Each individual is different. I have heard of some people receiving chemo, and then heading to work for an 8 hour shift, mind you, I have never met these people, but I have heard the story’s in the ‘chemo trenches’. But what about those of us on the opposite end of the Cancer spectrum. The ones who can barely lift their heads off the pillow, suffer from constant nausea, and look like the walking dead. Where are “our” handbooks? My partner and I had to learn the hard way, trial and error you might say. We were terrified, we felt alone, and we were broke, NOT A GOOD COMBINATION! I knew through all of these mixed emotions and chaos, the medical system would look after me…because they know best, right?

 So…where was all the help?

My partner Mark and I learned VERY QUICKLY we were on our own. We toughened up fast, became extremely organized, and didn’t take, “It won’t make a difference” for an answer. I put my trust in the doctors and nurses, I didn’t want to make a fuss, and just wanted to go with the flow. My father had melanoma, and my aunt had Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. My father only had surgery to have the tumour removed and is now 72 years of age, running laps. My aunt had chemotherapy and radiation at 32 years of age, and died from a reoccurrence at 36 years young. I remembered the “horror” of watching Joan suffer and fade away before my eyes. I mentioned to the doctors my fears of what I had witnessed as a young girl. The doctors told me “that was 20 years ago, and that medicine has come a long way.”

Phew! Nothing to worry about then, right?

What I came to notice quickly, was that I was being treated as a number, not a human being. Cancer is an epidemic!!! The WAR ON CANCER is far from being won like the government continually tells us, and if you don’t speak up…be prepared to be tossed to the way side by our modern Medical System. Just to be crystal clear, I do believe Doctors, and Nurses go into the medical field to help people and make a difference. But what they learn very early on during their schooling, is that they are going into hospitality. The “Medical Industry” is in fact a lucrative business, and what it all comes down to is “the mighty dollar”. This may not be the case for the doctor’s, but it is the case of the medical associations so they can continue to fund their financial empires. As a doctor, you clock in for the day and clock out. That is unless you want your reputation tarnished, zero funding for your research, and ostracized from Medical review boards you have so proudly been a part of.

How does this affect us?

We don’t give a shit about business, we are fighting for our lives, and making choices based on the information provided by our doctors, whom we assume know EVERYTHING! We’ll here is a wakeup call… “People only know what they know”. And what “they” don’t know or even scarier, what they can’t say, may be the very thing that saves your life.

So why is there so much information on FOOD on my website, what does FOOD have to do with CANCER?

While going through “traditional North American” treatment THE FIRST TIME, my partner knew there had to be a better way to cure the body. It doesn’t make sense to poison someone with toxic chemicals in order to make them healthy. Make no mistake, chemotherapy and radiation “GIVES YOU CANCER”. If it was so good for you, why the horrendous side effects, why do the nurses wear HASMAT uniforms when there is a chemo spill, and why are the statistics of “successful cures” so skewed. Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I am a “no bullshit” kind of gal. I want you to WIN!!! I want you to live a long and healthy life!!! And I want you to be fully aware, that you, and you alone, have the power to make those choices.




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In the 3 video’s below I explain my journey from the beginning, from first becoming diagnosed, treatment, up to being admitted to The Gerson Institute in Mexico.






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It was Thanksgiving weekend when I got the call from Harrison at The Gerson Institute in San Diego. My application to The Gerson Clinic was previously denied due to heart complications from chemotherapy. I was told by Canadian doctors that my only option was stem-cell therapy and that there was a 70% chance I wasn’t going to make it out alive..SUPER! If I did make it out alive there was a good chance I would be permanently deaf in both ears, in a wheel chair from osteoporosis in five, and have extremely corroded organs and arteries from the toxicity. I felt for the first time defeated and overwhelmed, I thought in my heart that Alternative therapy was the way to go, so how could this be? That is until I got the best phone call in my life!

Thanksgiving Miracle CLICK


What is it like to have your stem-cells taken out of your body? What is it like to have your Hickman Line removed?

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After undergoing a week of GCSF-SHOTS, it was now time to cultivate the actual stem-cells. This was to be a 2 day procedure. I was extremely nervous to have this procedure done because the list of things that could go wrong was very high. Have a look into what its like to go through stem-cell cultivation…

Stem-cell Cultivation SUCKS

A Hickman line is a plastic tube put into your chest and neck that allows chemo to pour into your body. It’s awful, your body and skin ache where the open hole and tubes sit, and you’re constantly bleeding because your body can no longer heal because the chemotherapy has destroyed your bodes ability to heal. Forget sleeping laying down because every time I leaned forward blood would pour out of the incision, you can’t shower because the tape would get soggy and cause an infection, not to mention having to have nurses come to your house twice a week to change the tubes. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS!

The Hickman Line is not Welcome


What is it like to receive GCSF-SHOTS, and what are they?
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I was told by doctors that the low dose chemotherapy was shutting down my heart and lungs, the additional results of continuing treatment would be permanent deafness and osteoporosis. With being turned down by the Gerson Clinic due to a large amount of fluid around my heart by having to much chemotherapy, the only option I had left was high dose chemotherapy and a intrusive stem-cell transplant. I would be hospitalized for two weeks to the point of a vegetative state, given stem-cells that were previously cultivated along with blood transfusions and sent on my way with a 70% failure rate. These are the recordings…





Disclaimer - This blog is based on my personal healing journey which I am sharing for educational and informational purposes only. Please consult your own doctor or healthcare provider to determine the best course of treatment for you.