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Although labelling of genetically modified organism (GMO) products in the marketplace is required in 64 countries, it is not required in the United States and no distinction between marketed GMO and non-GMO foods is recognized by the US FDA.... READ MORE

If your having one of those days!!!

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 No matter, “HOW BAD YOUR DAY GET’S“ remember to… TO 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TO MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER    1)  Go to SLEEP!!!  Even the grumpiest of bears wake up feeling better... READ MORE

Stand out from the crowd!!!

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  Just a note to the “little activist” sitting inside you.   If you don’t like the way the country is heading,  make your voice count.   HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR VOICE... READ MORE

This site is meant to give HOPE to those who find themselves in a similar situation, and are not sure where to go.

I want people to know that they are NEVER alone no matter how dark the situation. Everyone has endured a struggle at least once in their life, and I would like to shed light on their triumphs, as well as knowledge that they obtained through their journey to mental, physical, and spiritual health.

This is the 2nd time I have been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Due to severe side effects to toxic chemotherapy, Dr’s have decided to stop treatment. Pull out the tubes…stop the chemicalsIT’S TIME TO TRY SOMETHING NEW!!! I packed my bags and headed to The Gerson Institute in Mexico for a 2 week stay to learn about “Natural Healing“. I decided to use this site to show my journey to, from, and beyond the clinic doors. My wish is to provide information that I found to show people who find themselves in my situation, not to give up hope and realize the power they have over their lives by the simple nutrients they find at their dinner table.

Please join me in supporting our community…and giving back to others.  If anyone tells you the power of one can’t make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in your tent.

- Violet Cameron